Version 1.9.5

Compatible avec
Window 7 et 8

Plan :
Chords are possible in the plans with the right button of mouse !

Realtime :
The realtime now contains an unlimited number of Splits. the functions "sequences, free sequences, and rhythm" of the realtime are now associated with each Split, this
allowing an infinite number of possibilities, while splitting by zone and velocity. .

New files formats, to prepare the future evolution of Quaderno towards of other OS.


The site of QUADERNO has being conceived in the purpose of creating a real feedback and exchange with and between QUADERNO users.
We hope sincerely it will be the reflect a new musical overture.


QUADERNO has being create by Manfred and Chris HANKE for all the last and recent developments.
We hope it will increase according to the results the next future months.
Thanks to Catherine Marchand for writing Tutorial and Documentation and for the english translation.


Development of a MAC Version, if we can find the developer which miss us for this part (If you are interested in that work please contact us).
Integration of Audio in a creative way.
New functions more and more surprising that we keep secret for the moment.


Realization and Update of this site by Chris HANKE.
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