29 may 2014

Last Online Version 1.9.5

Compatible with Window 8 et 7

Plan :
Chords are possible in the plans with the right button of mouse !

15 september 2002

Version 1.9 online.

Compatible avec Window XP et 2000

Realtime :
The realtime now contains an unlimited number of Splits. the functions " sequences, free sequences, and rhythm "of the realtime are now associated with each Split, this allowing an infinite number of possibilities, while splitting by zone and velocity.

New filesformats, to prepare the future evolution of Quaderno towards of other OS.

16 et 17 may 2000

We present QUADERNO during the Journées d'Informatique Musicale, the 16/05/2000 :

1, avenue du docteur Albert Schweitzer
Domaine universitaire - BP 99
F-33402 Talence Cedex

15 april 2000

Online of the Version 1.8

New WorkSpace :
Now you have the possibility to save the work space, windows position (open or close) , size of the scream in a file ( *.qws ).

New ZOOM with multiple windows for plan matrixes.

New algorythms in the Composeur, more musical and sturctured.

28 november 1999

Online of the Version 1.7

The Scales and Matrixes QUADERNO are generated in new type of windows ( as sound selection) and are now organised by types.
The number of Scales and Quadernos is now illimited.

You have now 32 keyboard splits .

A new module in the Real time has been added, it's the FREE SEQUENCE which is similar type as STEP-SEQ
but with some more presets (and multiplied by 32 !) you have also the possibility to use a pattern like a sequence.

14 june 1999

Version 1.6 is Online

New remote control, smaller and optimize for a quiker use.

Modification of the SESSION interface, more convivial.

New Mode of quantization, respecting the natural game of the musician.

Many improvements in the SONG.
View of events in the parts ( Velocities or Notes)
New functions of cutting and multiple editings.

Tool Box more functional with comments in all Spaces of QUADERNO

17 may 1999

Demo of QUADERNO during the JIM (Journees d'Informatique Musicale) at:

38-40, rue du General Leclerc

20 April 1999

Version 1.5 is Online

New version of the "COMPOSER", totaly review, illimited number of tracks, many different ways for harmonization and a modular programmation totaly open...

New mode of harmonization call " EXACT" for more musical harmonic interpretations .

16 April 1999

Demo of QUADERNO at IRCAM Paris

28 february 1999

Award of the Best Software of the month awward by OMI

The Quaderno site has been chosen to receive Beats E-Zine's
OMI (Online Music Industry) Award for January 28, 1998.

01 january 1999

On-Line of QUADERNO.COM web site and of the Version 1.0 for WINDOWS 95/98.